Ensure your motorcycles' high performance and precise handling with a customised suspension system from MPE Suspension. By setting your suspension to suit your weight and abilities, you will notice a vast change in the way your bike handles.

Motorcycles come off the production line with generic suspension systems to suit a range of weights and abilities. A generic suspension will equal an average performance. What you want is for your bike to handle at its optimum and to do this, you will need your suspension recrafted to custom-fit your profile.

MPE Suspension are specialists in crafting motorcycle suspension to suit individual needs, including weight, height and abilities, to improve bike performance and handling. With a customised suspension from MPE Suspension you will notice a huge difference in the performance and feel of your bike, as well as a boost to your confidence on the track.

For further information on MPE Suspension services, speak to our friendly staff in-store or visit their website for further information.

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